Help us fund Daan´s recovery
and give him a future


Lifesaving surgery

Daan used to be a young, sporty boy with a bright future ahead. He had an active social life with friends, played football and enjoyed going to school. He used to be, as he developed various physical complaints two years ago. As a result, he is bed-ridden for more than 23 hours a day.

His illness, CCI and AAI, affects his vital functions and this can only change through a surgery. In Europe, this is performed by only one neurosurgeon: Dr Gilete from Barcelona. Unfortunately, this surgery is not reimbursed by the health insurer. Therefore, the foundation Samen voor Daan has started this crowdfunding. We hope to be able to fund Daan´s life-saving surgery in Barcelona.

Rare disease

In the rare disease CCI and AAI, the bands that hold the upper cervical vertebrae in place are too weak and this results in causing shifts. These shifts trap the nerves and put pressure on the brain stem. This again causes the autonomic nervous system to be disrupted. All vital functions of the body are controlled from this nervous system, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestion.

Daan and his parents have spoken with fellow sufferers who have similar complaints. Some of them already had the surgery and are experiencing a significant improvement in quality of life.